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Why choose us as your asset finance broker

The team at Request Finance prides itself on delivering the highest levels of customer service when it comes to finding the right asset finance providers for your business. Our number one priority is to achieve a quality financial outcome for your business so that you can maintain success in your industry with the working capital required to do so.

Asset finance in Melbourne is a competitive game for advisors and businesses alike. Our team will take the time to find the business asset finance solution that is most suited to your individual business situation. As a boutique finance advisory service, we have the time to commit to supporting your business 100% in finding the right asset finance solutions for you.

Asset finance brokers at your service

Qualified and dedicated asset finance brokers await your call at Request Finance. Our team is ready to help your business to achieve the kind of finance to maintain success in your field. By taking the time to understand the inner workings of your organisation, we can ensure that our team matches you with the kind of asset finance providers that you need to achieve your business goals. 

Tailored asset finance strategies

We believe that taking the time to find the right financial solutions is beneficial to your business in the long run. The little extra time we take in the consultation phase of our finance advisory services is what allows us to ensure that the financial products we offer are the ones that you need. 

Understanding asset finance: The basics

The concept of business asset finance is using the assets you have, to secure short-term finance for your business. This short-term financial solution is often used as working capital to get your business through a tough spot, a growth spurt or an off-season. The most commonly used assets to secure finance are accounts receivable. This allows your business to show that you have incoming funds secured to meet your financial commitments without having to prove the financial security of your overall business, which is often necessary with other forms of lending.  

How asset finance works

Asset finance uses the tangible assets you have within your business as collateral or security against the loan that you are looking to take out. The financial institution that you choose to borrow from will consider the security of these assets and grant approval based on the ability to repay the amount that you borrow. Asset finance solutions are often short-term commitments for businesses that provide the capital needed to achieve your goals. 

Range of asset finance services we provide

Request Finance offers a team of asset finance brokers to help your business to achieve the working capital that it requires. As qualified finance brokers, our expert team can offer you a range of asset finance services and solutions to achieve the funds that you need in the short term, for long-term business success. 

Our team can provide asset finance solutions from a wide range of lenders including banks and other financial institutions. This provides you and your business with a choice of quality business asset finance options, ensuring that we can find the right financial solution. 

Unique asset finance options for businesses

At Request Finance, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Our team will take the time required to understand the inner workings of your business to ensure that we can help you to select the right asset finance in Melbourne. We believe that an asset finance broker needs to be able to look at any business situation and determine which financial option would be the most suitable. Choosing from a range of unique asset finance solutions, our team will ensure that you have the right finance for your specific business needs. 

Our proven approach to business asset financing

The foundation of the advisory service that we offer is exceptional communication and customer care. Our team will ensure that you are aware of all the financial solutions available to you from various asset finance providers, giving you the options to make the best choice for your business. With years of experience in the financial industry, the team at Request Finance will ensure that you have all the details on the available asset finance solutions, allowing you to make an informed choice. 

Personal asset finance solutions

Much like businesses, personal asset finance will use your personal assets as security for the loan you are looking to take. Personal asset finance solutions commonly use the item you want to purchase with the finance as security for the loan. If you are looking to purchase a car, for example, the vehicle you purchase is used as collateral for the loan, meaning that if you default on the payments, the car is repossessed and sold to service the remainder of the debt. 

Making personal asset finance easier

As with all Request Finance services, be it refinancing, securing first-home lendingconstruction finance or self-managed superfund loans, our team takes great pride in providing a quality finance broking service to businesses and individuals alike. We aim to work with you to ensure that you have access to the business and personal asset finance providers you need to ensure a quality outcome. Contact us today to discuss how our asset finance services can be beneficial to you.

Meet Your Finance Broker

Joseph is the senior broker and director at Request Finance. Having been in the industry for over 12 years, with extensive experience in banking and also mortgages. His main focus is on creating a customised solution for each of his clients as he knows that no two people are in the same boat. In his spare time, Joseph loves to watch AFL and soccer games. He supports Carlton and Arsenal.