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Refinance Mortgage Broker

Changing lenders isn’t as bad as what it seems. We all change for different reasons. Sometimes we want a better interest rate, or maybe we don’t need that offset account will monthly/ annual fees. We even sometimes want to give our home a facelift or travel overseas.

Whatever the reason is, we can help with all your life decisions. What is important is that as you move through life, your loan moves along with you!


Usually through the refinance process there can be costs associated. Part of our process is that we look at the cost vs reward ratio. In some cases, lenders will offer you cashbacks in order to help take care of the costs of refinancing- others will have lower establishment fees.

We have over 40lenders to choose from and with thousands of products available we can help navigate the product and lender that best suits you.


Get in touch with us to see how we can save you money!

Meet Your Finance Broker

Joseph is the senior broker and director at Request Finance. Having been in the industry for over 12 years, with extensive experience in banking and also mortgages. His main focus is on creating a customised solution for each of his clients as he knows that no two people are in the same boat. In his spare time, Joseph loves to watch AFL and soccer games. He supports Carlton and Arsenal.