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Whether you are building your dream home or starting your investment portfolio in the new home space, our team can assist from start to finish.

We have encountered all types of contracts over the years and understand how to navigate through both fixed-price building contracts and cost-plus building contracts.

Our goal is simple, to help navigate and coordinate the entire process and ensure all relevant parties are involved at the right time to produce a smooth experience.

From the moment you purchase the land to signing the build contract, we are here for you each step of the way.

Our experts know the ins and outs of what the lenders are looking for, we identify any potential issues that might be in the build contract and work with your builder and yourself to get the desired outcome. Each lender is different, so it’s important we understand the end goal for everyone to match the right lender with your scenario

Once the loan is funded, we don’t stop there. We assist with progress payments, first homeowner grants that may be applicable and any issues that arise during the build phase. If you want to know more, reach out to us for a no-obligation consultation.

What is Construction Financing?

Any loan falling under the umbrella term ‘construction finance’ is, effectively, a land and construction loan intended to facilitate the construction of new properties. Construction loans operate very differently from standard home loans, typically charging interest-only repayments while the process is underway. This keeps repayments to a minimum while working capital is retained for the borrower and only reverts to a more standard mortgage structure upon completion.

The Benefits of Using Construction Finance Brokers

Whether we are talking about first-home buyers or individuals who have purchased multiple properties over the years, there are many benefits of using an experienced, knowledgeable construction mortgage broker to find the right home loan for your needs, including:
  • Detailed knowledge of the market for construction loans in Australia
  • A keen eye always on wider market trends and potential upcoming changes
  • Full understanding of the terms and conditions of any land and construction loan
  • The ability to highlight any potential pitfalls of individual construction loan agreements
  • Advice and guidance based on extensive industry experience
An experienced construction loan broker will not only seek out the most appropriate construction home loans for your specific circumstances/requirements but will make sure there are no hidden clauses or traps to avoid. Your chosen construction loan broker can also provide help with other aspects of your fiscal affairs with colleagues specialising in everything from asset finance and SMSF lending to practical, logical refinancing options. Construction finance brokers represent an essential link in the chain, protecting and guiding their clients and helping them to make sensible fiscal decisions based on the numbers at hand.

How Do Construction Loans in Australia Work?

Once approved, construction home loan incremental payments will be made by the lender at each stage of the construction process. A detailed outline of anticipated construction costs will be required, and the lender will send a representative to check that work has been completed as intended after each stage. The following payment will only be released once they are satisfied that construction is progressing as described and to budget. This protects them from funding a potentially loss-making construction project and ensures contractors and builders are not being paid in advance for work not yet completed.

A construction finance loan may be used to perform major structural renovations like extensions or significant additional features but not for purely cosmetic alterations

Construction Finance Loan Solutions

At Request Finance, our construction finance brokers focus on achievable, optimum outcomes for our clients, whether in terms of the most compatible construction finance loans or our other specialised services. Navigating the complex financial world, full of varying rates, conditions, and potential pitfalls, can be daunting to the uninitiated, and we make ourselves available to help combat any issues. 

We work closely with our valued clients, offering personalised assistance and ensuring they are up to speed on key elements of any agreement they consider signing. This is especially important with construction loans in Australia, as the requirements are much more involved than with standard home loans, and the process can be challenging to undertake alone. If the time is right to delve further into the world of construction development finance, be sure to speak to a member of our team first, and they will give you the information you need.


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