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Joseph Daher

Meet Joseph Daher

Our Finance Expert

Senior Finance Broker 


Having grown up in a family full of business owners, Joseph has always seen what is like trying to get access to finance and being told no. He purchased his first investment property at the age of 21 and used a mortgage broker. His experience he describes as “terrible”.

“I went through a broker for my first property. I had no idea what I was doing but I trusted them as they were recommended to me from a family member. I was not explained anything at the time and it ultimately cost me money. I had just started working for CBA as a teller and I knew at that point that I always wanted to make sure that regardless of what I did or who I dealt with, I wanted to give the best customer service I possibly could and arm all my clients with knowledge so they could make informed decisions”

Joseph started his finance career in 2011 as a teller at the Commonwealth Bank where he performed many roles including branch lender which made him realise his love for helping people get the best deal possible and arming them with knowledge and power to give the best customer service possible


  1. Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance at Vic Uni
  2. Certificate IV Credit Management Finance, General
  3. Certificate IV Mortgage Broking Finance, General
  4. Diploma Mortgage Broking Finance, General